Our Mission

To create a virtual space for adults to pursue programming-related learning and conversation, where everyone is valued, everyone has agency, and everyone is supported.


CodeWith carries the torch of CodeUp, set up by Claire Wicher in early 2015. The aim to provide free and friendly adult coding tuition to adults who wanted it, and that is now CodeWith's aim too. We want somewhere everyone, from complete beginners to accomplished software engineers, can come together and share their enjoyment of coding.

Over the years CodeUp spread to twenty different locations with multiple different organisers, and CodeWith is now consolidating that knowledge and experience into a single committee of organisers and mentors who run regular events. You can find out more about our committee and mentors on the people page.


You can view our constitution here.


We are run by a team of volunteers who have organised coding meetups for years.

Drew Morgan

Benevolent Leader

Keiran Wilkinson

Vice Benevolent Leader

Jim Evans


Marie Fayard

Equity Officer

Sean O'Mahoney

Publicity Officer


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