CodeWith runs drop-in sessions, huddles, and scheduled workshops. You can read more about each of these below.

Before attending any CodeWith event, please read our Code of Conduct, which applies to all events we run. All speakers, mentors, and attendees must agree with this; it helps us all to understand the community's shared values and provides clear guidelines on how we should behave.

Attending an online event? Check out our Discord guide.

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Previous Events

Slides from previous events and workshops can be found in our Google Drive folder.

Drop-in Sessions

Drop-in sessions are run from our Slack workspace. We pick a time and make sure helpers and mentors are online, and invite people to come and ask us for help with anything at all. They run fairly regularly on weekday evenings, and occasionally even start without being scheduled! Discussions can be done through written messages, voice, or even over a video call. Sign in to our Slack workspace to find out more.

We either use Jitsi or Discord for our regularly-scheduled sessions. Invitation links will be added to the Slack group and to the event ticket a little before each drop-in event. We also have a permanent Jitsi room set up at which you can join to ask questions even when there's no event running.



Huddles are basically group conversations with a set topic. They can be formally hosted or chaired by someone who makes sure everyone will have a voice, but can also just be a brief chat to find out more about a subject. If you're interested in setting up a huddle, or finding some people to talk to about a topic, let us know in our Slack workspace. We can set up a Jitsi room for you, or point you to our Discord server.


Scheduled Workshops

Workshops are more structured than drop-ins and huddles, and usually take the form of hands-on workshops, demonstrations, or even lectures (though we try to avoid the latter). Most of the time they will involve a host presenting slides or working through a problem on-screen, answering people's questions as they go.

If there's a workshop you'd really like us to run - say on a topic you're new to, or something you're really interested in - then sign in to our Slack workspace and post in the #event-ideas channel. That way we can discuss it with you and make sure you get the most out of it.



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