Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some questions we often get asked. If you have any other questions you can reach us on the contact page.

First of all, let someone know you're interested. Have a chat with one of the existing mentors or someone on the committee so that we can get an idea of what you want to achieve and what support you need.

When you're ready to begin mentoring, complete the mentor application form. From there we'll be able to add you into the appropriate Slack channels, give you a folder of your own in our Google Drive, show you how to set up events, and so on.

Equality is where everyone is supported equally, and has the same access to support, whereas equity is where people have the right support to get them to the same level as others even when they start from a less advantageous position. We realise that some people are going to need more help than others - for all sorts of reasons - and we wanted to make that clear from the outset.

We're not against it, as long as it's done considerately. We have a #jobs channel in our Slack workspace where recruiters can post about jobs, employment opportunities and so on, but any discussions with attendees on those topics outside of that channel must be done by explicit agreement of the attendee(s) involved.

The committee has talked about hosting an event specifically for recruiters, but the finer points still need to be agreed. If you would like to be contacted regarding this, please email us at [email protected].

Yes! Our website is built from this GitHub repository and is yours to edit if you see a problem or want to make any additions. There are plenty of instructions on the README page, so have a read through that and start editing.

If you've never used GitHub before and want someone to show you how it works, put a message in the Slack workspace and someone should pick it up. There are also slides for a GitHub workshop available, so you could ask about those too.

CodeWith isn't just a series of events, it's a community of people who do their best to help each other. If you visit our Slack workspace or our Discord server there'll usually be someone there. Most of the time they'll be able to help, or will at least know who to ask for an answer, but if not then at least you have some people you can talk to about the problem to try to find a way forward.


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